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🔥The Catching Guy understands the value of getting recognized for hardwork so he created this monthly motivation!

Whether you’re a parent or a coach of a catcher, we’ve got some great options to motivate your catcher and help them succeed!


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Currently, we’ve got two subscription box options to keep your catcher motivated and help them succeed!

Our two subscription boxes are The Catchers T-Shirt Club and The Catchers Tool Kit.

Both of our subscription box options include our Catchers T-Shirt of the Month.

Start your subscription before the timer runs out and receive our May T-shirt!

👉🏻 This month’s tool kit training will be focusing on the Mental Game For Catching Success.

🎯Understanding the game inside and out or having what a lot of coaches call “game savvy” is essential for catchers.  We need to have a complete understanding of not only our own responsibilities but also our pitchers and fielders.  Being a “field general” is more than just being able to receive, block and throw… we need to communicate with literally EVERYONE on the field, maintain composure, focus and keep the game and our team running smoothly.  We literally need to have the intelligence of a scientist… a “baseball scientist” but a scientist none the less.

This month’s subscribers will receive a blue t-shirt along with mental game training for success!

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IMPORTANT: The drills included in this training are appropriate for all ages.  You will simply adjust the weight of the resistance ball, the strength of the resistance bands, the tempo/timing of the flips and the distance of the throws.  A 9 year old can do them and they can be advanced up to challenge an 18 year old.

PLEASE NOTE:   If you are unsure of t-shirt size, we recommend ordering one size up.  It may not be possible to exchange shirt sizes.  Buyer to pay for all shipping charges on exchanges.

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The Catchers Tool Box (T-Shirt Club, Monthly Training + Equipment Specially Selected by Coach Todd )

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The T-shirts are available in the following sizes:
Youth T-Shirts are available in Large only.
Adult T-shirts are available in S – 2XL.
*We recommend one size up if you are unsure of shirt sizing.
*Buyer responsible for all shipping on any exchanges
*Exchanges may not always be possible 
*No refunds
NO, there’s no extra charge for shipping.  Shipping to anywhere in the continental US is free!
*Buyer responsible for all shipping on any exchanges.
Your payment draft will draft on the 5th of each month, shirts will be packed and shipped to you by or on the 15th of the month.
Simply subscribe to The Catchers Tool Kit and leave us a note at checkout that you’re wanting to switch over.
Simply subscribe to The T-Shirt Club and leave us a note at checkout that you’re wanting to switch over.
Great question, thanks for asking! As long as you’re subscribed to The Catcher’s Tool Kit, you’ll have access to that month’s training for a whole year so there’s plenty of time to practice the training drills.  So that means if you subscribe to the training in January, you’ll have access to that January 2021 training video until January 2022, as long as stay subscribed to the Catchers Tool Kit.  Of course, if you stop your subscription to The Catcher’s Tool Kit, you will lose access to the trainings, just like if you stop your subscription to Netflix, you’d lose access to their video library.