Day one will include stances/set ups and receiving while day two will cover blocking & throwing fundamentals (The information is spread out over 3 days during our summer camps).  Participants train with Coach Todd and his staff NOT each other.  They will be separated by age and put through several fundamental drills and exercises to help improve their receiving ability, blocking form and throwing mechanics.


All Catchers
 Ages 10 through 16
 (8-1 Catcher to Coach Ratio)


$499 per Catcher
 (Full Payment Due at Time of Registration)

All initial teaching and discussion during camp will be performed by Coach Todd while his coaching staff will help run the fundamental skill stations.


AKA – “The Catching Guy”


  • Former collegiate & professional catcher
  • Founder & President of Gamer Baseball and The Catching Guy
  • Over 30 years experience coaching catchers
  • Masters degree in Kinesiology with a focus in teaching & coaching
  • Authored The View From Behind the Mask, Everything You Need to Know About Catching and More
  • Featured speaker at CatcherCON 2016.
  • Featured speaker at the “2018 Be The Best Coaches Convention”
  • Featured speaker at the 2018 ABCA USF Barnstormers Clinic.
  • Featured speaker at the 2018 MHSBCA Annual Convention.
  • Featured speaker at the 2019 ABCA National Convention – Youth Session
  • Nearly 140,000 followers across several social media platforms
  • Featured coach on “Stick and Ball TV”
  • Assistant Coach for the 2021 Silver Medal winning Team USA NTIS 13U team


  • STANCES – The multiple stances a catcher utilizes throughout a game including one knee set ups.  We can teach your catcher everything they need to know about receiving, blocking and throwing but if they do not get in the proper ready position, if they’re not in the correct stance, they will not be able to perform the fundamental skills of a catcher consistently.
  • RECEIVING – Having soft hands, getting strikes called strikes and getting stri-balls (borderline pitches that could go either way) called strikes with some “mitt magic” will be covered in detail.  Research shows that being a good receiving catcher will help your team more than anything else we do.  We will dedicate a significant amount of time to train your catchers on becoming the best receiving catcher they can be.
  • BLOCKING – Technique to help you “be a wall!”  Being a good blocking catcher has the potential to save a bunch of runs for your catcher’s team.  Although it is one of the least liked jobs of a catcher, it is one of the most important.  We will dedicate a significant amount of time to helping your catcher not only get comfortable with the baseball hitting them but also liking and taking pride in their blocking ability.
  • THROWING – A catchers throwing ability is always the first thing that coaches, opponents, and scouts notice.  We will cover everything your catcher needs to know to become the best throwing catcher they can be including quick hands, quick feet, arm strength and throwing mechanics.
  • AND during the “Final Thought” talks expect your catcher to learn about:
    • The importance of a good work ethic
    • What scouts and coaches look for in a catcher
    • The importance of training their brain as much as they train their body
    • The importance of controlling your emotions
    • The characteristics of a successful catcher
    • The importance of doing well in school and more!



“We really valued your life talks and we started to refer to them in our house as “Todd Talks” instead of “Ted Talks”. The wisdom you imparted to the boys was incredibly valuable and continues to be, especially when a lot of what you share reiterates what we as parents have been saying, but from an entirely unique perspective. Hearing these life lessons from you, drove it home. Thank you!”

The Bowlan’s, Parents

“My son and I have been begging for instruction of this type for quite some time. We can not express our gratitude for the time he was able to spend with you and your staff at camp. It will prove to be invaluable to his growth as a player and even more importantly as a person. I was able to remember the stuff you taught so that I could take it back to my team. You have a special knack for simplifying the position! Thank you!”

Coach Steve, Coach & Parent


Why should my catcher attend this camp? What is The Catching Guy “difference?”2020-05-15T19:40:40-07:00

There is A LOT of information out there about the position of catcher. Coach Todd is known for the ability to dissect the complex and present it in the simple. His ability to communicate the information in a manner that is relatable and understandable to catchers of all ages and experience levels is what sets him apart. Additionally, The Catching Guy events are not only designed to help develop the skills your catcher needs to succeed at the position, and in the game of baseball… there is also a large emphasis placed on building the confidence needed to succeed in the “game of life.”

Can parents stick around and watch during the camp?2020-05-15T19:38:51-07:00

It is not only allowed, it is encouraged. We love to have the parents observe during our camps and clinics. You are welcome to observe from the bleachers during the drills and training. If we can help the parents to gain more knowledge so they can reinforce and pass along the information to the catchers, we’re all for it! We just ask that you please stay in the bleachers or on the “side lines” and not come actually on the field or in the training area. We don’t want anyone to get hit by a ball. Thanks for your understanding.

What time should I pick up my catcher?2020-05-15T19:38:07-07:00

Camp times vary by event and training will typically end around 15 minutes before camp concludes and then Coach Todd will do one of his “Final Thought” talks until times up.  Parents are encouraged to be there for Coach Todd’s post-camp talks.

What time does check-in begin?2020-05-15T19:37:34-07:00

Please have your catcher to the field approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the start of camp on day one for check in (Day one only).  After that, Coach Todd and/or his staff typically arrive at least 30 minutes prior to camp.  Times vary by event.

What should I bring and wear to camp?2020-05-15T19:35:19-07:00

Make sure you bring or wear the following:

  • Baseball appropriate clothing including baseball pants. Shorts are NOT recommended
  • *Each Catcher MUST have their own complete set of catchers gear including a protective cup.
  • Tennis shoes or turf shoes for indoor use.
  • Water bottle & snack


Click the button below and fill out the checkout pop-up form. Full payment is due at time of registration. *Keep an eye on your inbox for future emails from The Catching Guy team regarding camp*.

*8 to 1 catcher coach ratio*


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