The Catchers Tool Box- RECEIVING


This is a one-time purchase and not a subscription.

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This is for 1 box. No subscription necessary!

✅ Awesome catcher swag that your catcher can wear to show his or her catcher’s pride PLUS…

✅ This is a Tool Box designed by a catcher for catchers!

✅ This isn’t just a “box of baseball stuff”.  Coach Todd designed this box so everything in it helps your catcher improve their RECEIVING skills.

✅ Online Receiving specific training program using all the tools in the box!

If you bought all the items that come in the Tool Box separately, the retail value of this Catcher Tool Box would range between $120 to $150 dollars.

🔥The drills included in this training is appropriate for all ages.  Example: You would simply adjust the weight of the resistance ball, the strength of the resistance bands, the tempo/timing of the flips, and the distance of the throws.  A 9-year-old can do them and they can be advanced up to challenge an 18-year-old.



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