The four key components (in my opinion) to playing at the collegiate level (and beyond):

  1. Skill work – Practice your craft and practice it often.
  2. Strength & Agility – One you get your mechanics consistent, get stronger and quicker through physical training.
  3. Mental/Emotional – Train your brain as much as you train your body. Controlling your emotions, understanding the importance of confidence and learning the “Three D’s” (Dream, Dedication & Discipline) are paramount.
  4. Academics – You can’t succeed on the field if you aren’t succeeding in the classroom first. We are called student-athletes NOT athlete-students.

Are you or your catcher covering ALL the bases or just one or two? Follow your Dream (of playing in the big leagues?); Stay Dedicated and work hard on each component (work ethic); And finally, stay disciplined, avoiding all of the distractions that come with being a student-athlete (social life).

These are not in order of importance as they are ALL keys to success.