#thelifeofacatcher can be a tough one and blocking is what I call the difference maker.

Everyone thinks they can be a catcher until the first time the pitcher spikes a fastball and the ball skips past them and goes to the backstop because they flinched and/or got out of the way.

True catchers understand how important it is to get big, use their body like “a wall,” and not let anything get by them.

This shirt is reserved for the games toughest catchers who play with no fear and get in front of that ball with no hesitation and stop it like a wall!

Runs true to size.
Width, in 16.93 18.12 18.9 20.08
Length, in 21.26 22.45 24.02 25.6
Sleeve length, in 19.49 22.49 25.48 28.51